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Journeyman III

MSI HD 7850 black screen when video adapter turned on with Win 7 64 bit

Several days ago my monitor screen turned light blue then shut off. I rebooted into safe mode and the monitor kept going black and shutting down. After millions of reboots I ended up reinstalling Win 7 and numerous drivers. My desktop runs on Intel Graphics 4000. It identifies the Radeon GPU again now. I updated the drivers from here. But if I enable the display adapter for the GPU the screen goes black with fine horizontal colored lines, I get another blue screen, and it shuts off. If I reboot I get another black screen. I have to reboot thru safe mode networking and disable the Radeon card again.  In addition the monitor does not show the right resolution capacity.  This issue is weird because everything worked for 5 years up until now.  I believe it is due to a Windows Update. Any advice would be great, I've tried everything. Messed with Bios (it's on PCIe) 8 DDR3 , reseated video card, booted up with original GPU CD drivers, uninstalled and updated with AMD drivers, different types of drivers.. I have read many many articles about this issue happening to others but NO one seems to say theirs has been fixed OR HOW (except by baking their video card which I can't do).   Please advise.

I actually ended up buying a new gaming PC (a Cyberpower from Amazon) and it arrived with the Basic Graphics Adapter on, too. After I installed all the Windows updates and rebooted to the new NVIDIA graphics card, THE MONITOR WENT BLACK, TOO!  So I just sent it back.

Here are my pc specs: OS Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit. CPU Intel i5-3570. PSU CX750M . Motherboard Asus Z77 Pro3. GPU MSI Twin FrozrIII R7850. 

Any help appreciate.

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