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Adept II

MSI Armor Radeon RX580 8gb OC Green Screen

I just RMAed my MSI Armor MK2 Radeon RX570 8gb OC. due to the infamous screen flickering and green/black screen issue. Received a new MSI Armor Radeon RX580 8gb OC in return. Did the usual DDU to clean old drivers off system, installed the new card, installed the most recent drivers and..... SAME FRIKIN PROBLEM!!!!! Not happy to say the least....I saw a post in the MSI forums where a guy installed the older Win10 Adrenalin-Edition-18.3.1-March5 and it solved his issue. However, I installed those and it hasn't solved mine. The older driver gives me the intermitten multi colored snow flicker every once in a while before finally going to green screen. I installed just the drivers, NOT all the bloatware, as I don't game and have no use for the other stuff.

Here's my system specs:
My system specs:
CPU: Ryzen 5 2600x
RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance 3000MHz
Motherboard: ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F Gaming
BIOS Version: 2901
GPU: MSI Armor Radeon RX580 8gb OC
GPU Drivers: 23.20.15027.1004
PSU: Seasonic Focus Gold 550FM 80 Plus Gold
Display: Samsung 50" UN50NU7400 4K via HDMI (Connected Via Sony STRDH790 Home Theater System)
OS: Windows 10 Home 64 bit 1909 Build - 18363.657

Now... Here's the strange thing.. As mentioned in my specs above, my PC/GPU is usually connected to my Sony STRDH790 Home Theater System, then the HTS connected to the TV via the HDMI/ARC input. I tried connecting the PC/GPU directly to the TV HDMI/ARC input and this seems to clear up the issue, sometimes... This is NOT how I want my system set up! I need the PC/GPU connected to the Sony HTS and then to the TV in order to have Dolby ATMOS, as I do audio and video production and need the ATMOS when working projects that require it. I purchased the original 570 because I was assured by AMD the card was fully compatible with my system. So the connection method should not be a problem....
Has anyone solved this issue, or do I RMA this card as well and demand a refund so I can purchase a GPU that will actually function properly?

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Adept I

This may not be the problem but the recommended power supply is 500W for the gpu, you do have a 550W PSU, maybe not enough electricity the GPU? What was the guys PSU Wattage when you were watching him fix the problem?

Even with the extra Wattage needed for the signal of the Sound System you got. Also possibly Extra Wattage to the GPU since you got a 4K monitor. The HDMI signals do need power so maybe running a 4K HDMI Cable with a Sound System requires more power. I do not know if this is the problem but if this solution fixes it then you're welcome, but I could be possibly wrong. 

According to this website

AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Review > Power Consumption - TechSpot 

your Ryzen 5 2600x can draw up to 370W under load. But that says SYSTEM POWER CONSUMPTION meaning the CPU, Motherboard, and Possibly RAM.


The CPU is consuming ALONE is taking ~78W which means if you read more into my discussion as to why it might be ur PSU                               CPU(78W)+GPU(185W)+MB(166) = 429W

So maybe you having a 550W power supply is not bad but if you look at other Computer youtubers they run Higher PSU Wattages to prevent low power being delivered to the GPU because the CPU is taking up lots of it and the Motherboard too.


The GPU is consuming 185W


So, 370W + 185W = 555W assuming both are under max load.

You're motherboard is consuming 40.8W idle and 166.2W load power consumption.1222.PNG

With the Motherboard added that is 721W under load for the CPU, GPU, and Motherboard. You're PSU is 550W.

I MAY BE WRONG, like I would rather have some more experienced and more better at this stuff than me. I'm just writing a whole paragraph on why it might be your PSU. So, if you think about it, getting high performance things like your GPU, CPU, and Motherboard, they require lots of power as you see, AND you STILL need EXTRA power for the SSD, Hard Drives, RAM, and FANS. They may not draw lots of power BUT you still need to think about those things, you can't just go and buy a 500W PSU just because the Specs of the GPU said so. Before buying components you need to see what type of PSU you need by adding up the MAX power consumption of each component if you plan on doing that like running at 4K maybe 60fps or 144fps and with a Home Theater Sound System. I'm not saying you're going to be running every component at MAX power consumption, it's just you need to be ready for these occasions.

This is why is could be possibly you're PSU. I could very be possibly wrong. It may be a Driver issue for your Green Screen. Even though u tried doing things to the drivers. 


What scares me is I just did this "OCCT" Program test where it tests my power, and holy crap how hot my gpu got. It got to a Celcius of 96C! Super hot, cause it was my first time reaching 96C as to I am used to 94C lol. My CPU is usually at 40-60C and it went up to 70C which kind of scared me but shouldn't because of my old CPU cooler it used to get my CPU up to 80C :/ which is bad. But im saying this because my CPU Wattage went up to 118W during this Crazy Super Max power consumption program.

If u want to test your PSU and possibly cooling here is the link.


It actually scares me not even lying, like im scared one of my components are going to catch fire. 

Holy crap llvewire, where have you been all my life???? LOL thank you very much for the very detailed info!!! That is the most in depth reply I have had to this issue since I started dealing with it a year ago!! And that includes dealing with MSI and AMD so called 'tech support'. I'm going to use the OCCT app you posted and check it out and see what comes out of the woodwork. When I was building the system I entered all the components into an app that checks compatibility and such of each component. It listed various PSUs I would need in the ranges of Minimum, Md range, high mid range, and high. The PSU I chose was in the high mid range... But as w know these apps can have glitches and such....
I'll post back with the OCCT results when I get them.


Hey llvewire, I ran OCCT and I'm trying to check my GPU power usage but it doesn't seem to show it. All it shows is the CPU usage, as shown in the image I attached here. I checked settings but there's nothing in there to show anything else. Am I doing something wrong?OCCT-Screenshot-20200324-141635.png