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Journeyman III

Moving LCD panel image to left or right

I have Adrenalin Installed. Latest version. I am running and Eyefinity setup . 1920x1080- 2560x1080 -1920-1080 the two 1920 screens are like almost 3/4 inch larger in hight than the middle ultra wide screen. I had to use the software to hdmi scale 5% and then do bezel offset in eyefinity pro tool. it looks amazing . only problem is the black boarder. its fine being on the top and bottem of the screens because the image matches up perfect even the bezel correction is awsome. I cannot set Horizontal positions in my lcd panel to move the image twords the inside monitor becasue its not a VGA signal its hdmi. The Adrenalin control center allows me to scale the image but not move it. Is there a way to move the two outside images twords the middle lcd?


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