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Journeyman III

Monster Hunter World Err12

So I am having a few issues: 

  • Crash at start of all quests in Monster Hunter World with ERR12 displayed
    • Attempted to lower Graphics quality twice, i tried to go from Highest to High, that didnt work so tried High to Medium, still did not work.  
    • Heard that this was a driver issue so tried both updating and rolling back my driver, neither attempt worked I still received this error
    • Then heard that I would need to change some settings in Radeon Wattman... I don't have Radeon Wattman
  • Searched to find Radeon Wattman, should be auto-installed for my GPU? 
  • Only software I have is AMD Radeon Settings and when I try to open the Gaming Tab of this it closes the software

I have: 

GPU: MSI Radeon Rx 480 8GB

CPU: AMD FX-8350

16GB RAM DDR3-I believe it is 2133


Radeon Software Versions: 19.2.2, Adrenalin 2019

AMD RX 480 Driver Version: 25.20.15021.1007

Windows 10 64-Bit

I really want to play my game, and it played fine on my old computer with an R9 270 AMD GPU at medium quality

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Re: Monster Hunter World Err12

Wattman is a setting off of gaming then global setting within Radeon Settings. If Radeon Setting is not loading properly for you then install the driver again, use the following method. 

Download 19.2.2 to you local machine.

Disconnect from the Internet, yes do this, it keeps Windows Update from screwing up your install.

Run the AMD driver install, uncheck the participate in AMD telemetry check box, and choose clean install, it's the option to the right bottom corner.

Reboot and if all is not well,

Reistall the driver again, this time choose express install and simply install over the existing driver. This often helps when Radeon Settings is for whatever reason not showing up or launching when clicked.

If this doesn't help let AMD know:

Online Service Request | AMD 

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