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Journeyman III

Monitor randomly loses signal to computer with Radeon RX 580

Hello everyone,

About two weeks ago I booted up my computer and to my surprise there was no signal being sent to the monitor. The computer booted up and all fans were running, even the graphics card fans, and my motherboard (I'm not too sure what motherboard it is, I'm not near my computer at the moment but it is an ASUS motherboard) has a single beep on startup—which I think means everything is running fine. Furthermore, even restarting the computer doesn't fix this issue, the only way I have gotten it to work again is to wait a few days to start it up again but even then after starting it up it loses connection to the monitor. I have tested whether it is the monitor—I've tried different monitors, a different computer with the same monitor, different cables and everything works except for the computer. Another odd thing is that the first time my computer "crashed", I was streaming through discord and after it crashed my friends said that the stream lost connection but was still streaming (it was just a permanent buffering). When I was able to get the computer back up, I launched the AMD software and I noticed that the GPU utilization would randomly spike to 100% for short times but this was very frequent. Task Manager, on the other hand, says that the GPU usage wasn't even reaching above 30% (keep in mind I had no applications open except for the AMD software). And this is where I'm stuck, I'll be happy providing details for the computer once I get back to it today but I am just confused whether it is a graphics card issue, motherboard issue or if its just a loose cable or something along those lines.


Many thanks,


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Reseat the Graphics board.

Get down very low and make sure that those gold fingers are all the way in.

Make sure any PCI-e cable is fully seated in the Graphics card connector, as well as the back of a modular power supply.

Make sure your Data cable is fully connected to both Graphics card as well as Monitor.


If that doesn't work, try another PCI-e Slot if you have one.   Or Try another Graphics card if you have one.

You can check your monitor, by turning it off then back on.    Some Monitors, like mine will display a graphic without any signal upon initial power up.   If you see the graphic you can be sure the Screen didn't kick out after it got hot.