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Journeyman III

Monitor no longer displaying

One of my monitors no longer displays, and I think it's some kind of setting issue.

This happened when I took my computer in to work. When I brought it back home it no longer displayed on the second port on either video card.

I have a Dell OptiPlex 790 with two AMD Radeon HD 5450 video cards. Both cards have connectors for 2 DVI monitors. I use 3 of those ports (ie 3 monitors). The monitors are Dell U2410 monitors.

Port #2 on both cards will not display. Doesn't matter which monitor is plugged in (so the monitors are all good), port #2 on both cards now doesn't show.

However, both Windows and the AMD Catalyst Control Center detect that monitor and let me set the orientation, resolution, etc. on it. So they know it's there.

When my system was in at work it was booted up with only a VGA monitor plugged in. Is there something that could have happened in some setting to turn off showing a 2nd monitor on one of the cards?

Both video cards could have gone bad at this point, but I'm skeptical that that is the issue.

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