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Journeyman III

Monitor Displays Lost Signal While Gaming - RX 580

I seem to be having a GPU problem. I have an RX 580 and after about 30 minutes of playing intensive games (Battlefield 1, Cyberpunk, Doom Eternal, etc.), the display loses signal with the PC still on, with the only way to fix it being to hold the power button. It seemed to be an airflow problem so I had the PC installed into a new case and the problem is still happening. Any possible fixes?

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Common Polaris issue do the following:

In Radeon Settings go to the performance tab, tuning tab, and near the bottom find the "Power Limit" Slider.

Move that slider to the right to its maximum of 50.

Then go to your fan settings and switch to manual. You want to move those dots to have them run at 100 from 70 degrees on up.

If that helps you can experiment with back off that fan curve a bit if it is too loud.

Good Luck!


Hi guys

I have the same problem.

I first uninstalled the drivers with DDU and reinstalled, then I increased the limiter to 50 and finally changed the values of the fans as you said.

Without solving anything.


P.S.   The pc is new (has 15 days).


Ah sorry.

i forgot to write that i have an rx 580 8 gb.