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Journeyman III

Monitor blank screen over DisplayPort with 5700 XT

Yesterday I got my Red Devil 5700 XT to upgrade from my GTX 1060 6GB. I installed the card, cleared the NVIDIA drivers with DDU and installed the Radeon software using a HDMI monitor I have in my kitchen.

I then moved it to my normal desk and plugged it into my normal gaming monitor (a Kogan KALED24144F, off brand 1080p 144Hz FreeSync monitor) via the same DisplayPort cable I have always used with the old Graphics Card and booted. 

The boot screen showed up as normal and loaded into Windows, but as soon as Windows loaded the screen flickered coloured snow and went into power saving mode. I had a second monitor connected via HDMI that did connect fine and the Radeon Settings showed both monitors but nothing would turn on the DisplayPort connected one. 

These are the steps I have tried so far to rectify the issue:

  • Change the refresh rate to 60 or 120Hz instead of 144
  • Different DP cables (I have 3 of them known to work in the past)
  • Plugging the Kogan Monitor in via HDMI works and gives me 120Hz but no FreeSync
  • Plugging another Acer 60Hz monitor in via DisplayPort using the original cable works

Does anyone have any suggestions (other than buy a new monitor) to this issue? I am a bit disappointed that after finally switching to the Red Team, I can't get 2 of the features I wanted most (high refresh rate and FreeSync). 

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Journeyman III

Sorry I forgot to post back here, but I managed to fix the problem by going into the Display Settings > Overrides and turned off HDCP. Restarted and it fixed the issue. 

Hopefully the same thing fixes your issue, let me know. 

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Journeyman III

I have same issue that RX5700 XT doesn't recognise my Benq 3200r through DP port. it works well through HDMI but not DP port and not able to use 144Hz option at all. i have replaced minotor / GPU and Mother board etc. still doesn't work 

Journeyman III

I have a similar problem. Often from a cold boot, the resolution of the screen is limited to 1600x900 although I run a 4K monitor. If the monitor goes to sleep and wakes up again, it will fix itself, or I can unplug and replug the monitor and that can sometimes fix it. OR sometimes it's just blank.

My monitor is an LG 27UD88

Journeyman III

I purchased  Asus TUF 5700 XT last week, I also got exactly the same issue. My monitor is  Benq EW3270EU.

I also purchased new HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.4 lines, with HDMI there is no problem at all.  However, I have no luck with all the 3 DisplayPort on board,  my monitor just cannot detect the signal and it's all blank with DisplayPort.  However, it worked well with my previous card with displayport.


OK, I solved my problem by replacing a new DP cable, seems the one I purchased yesterday has some problem and I bought a new one to replace it and it works well now

Journeyman III

Sorry I forgot to post back here, but I managed to fix the problem by going into the Display Settings > Overrides and turned off HDCP. Restarted and it fixed the issue. 

Hopefully the same thing fixes your issue, let me know. 

Thanks, it fixed it for me. But my monitor what's turning on and off over and over. Turned off HDCP in-between the screen going back. Restarted pc and its all good now.


This did work / had to go to the AMD software installed with the drivers to find the override.  Now DP works.



I have been messing with the same issue on a brand new system I put together for pretty much a whole day. Red Devil 6900xt with Samsung G9. Had to use HDMI when I installed Windows. Neither before or after the windows install did the DP port work. Used the AMD Radeon Software to install all the drivers. That fixed my resolution, but my monitor was still sitting at 60hz.

I tried your method. Overide and disable HDCP. FINALLY when I booted back up my monitor was at 120hz, FreeSync kicked in. I changed monitor refresh rate to 240hz and in windows I set it to 240hz also. Thanks a bunch for this post. Your saved me many more hours of frustration  

Journeyman III

Same issue for me.

I installed only drivers without AMD software and there is no issue with flickering screen. Waiting for drivers upgrade. This situation should never happen! Driver/software center fix should be released immediately because now, customers are not able to use whole GPU potential. 

Journeyman III

I stopped working with the cable version 1.4, the cable is working, I checked it on the R7 360 video card. On version 1.2 there is an image.

Adept I

Hi , when i try VGA card Aorus radeon 5700 xt with monitor C27F , with display port cable , it is not working , windows not boot on DisplayPort cable , i must use hdmi first till windows opened then i convert to display port cable ,,
When i go to my pc store which i bought the aorus products from it , we try 4 VGA cards and we discovered it is a problem from the aorus radeon rx 5700 xt cards ,

First we suspect in the mointor but later we make sure it is not the mointor because we try aorus rtx 2070 and it boot on display port well

So please if there any soultion to make my pc boot on display port automatic without convert it manually please help me

Adept III

Radeon 5700 XT Anniversary Edition

20.4.2 drivers

Started to have glitches with Samsung CH70 last week or so. Today all of the display ports will blink in and out and have corrupted outputs when it does come on.

HDMI works but limited to 100hz

Changed DP cables - no change

Disabled HDCP - no change

Disabled AMD audio driver in device manager - no change

Powered down and up - no change

Played Doom Eternal last night, did periodically have screen corruption but for the most part was able to play 144hz, HDR, FreeSync.

Will be DDUing and reinstalling drivers, not sure what else to do except maybe RMAing card back to AMD where I bought it.

DDU and reinstalled 20.4.2 - same issue with on and off DisplayPort and corruption

Was able to get monitor frequency from 144hz to 120hz and that cleared up the problem. I have certified cables for 1.4 Displayport, all cables result in same issue.

Next I will hook up the monitor to a 1080 Ti and see if this problem persists indicating a monitor issue. If ok then the graphics card is the culprit.

Fixed, replaced with yet another display port cable. These cables over a period of time are failing, why I have no idea.