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Journeyman III

Missing hdmi scalling option , permanent under or overscan GPU doesnt work

I have issue with scaling after first installing Adrenaline latest driver  on 24 September my graphic card gone crazy and I have a permanent under or over scan on my hdtv.

Had tried:

Reinstalled clean , deleted updated drivers 20 times by now manual installation deinstalation with catalyst  amd clean utility deinstalation

Adrenaline 2020 stable and beta version - no HDMI scaling option at all

Catalyst stable and beta version - no HDMI scaling option at all

Change the value in registry no DALR6 entry

open 2 screens de scale  open software doesn't work scaling still not available


restoring windows to point before software about 5 times doesn't work

try every possible mix of gpu and tv setting doesn't work either under scan or over scan

Graphic card radeon R9 280 seems to be permanently broken after first installation of Adrenaline 2020

The issue is solved when I turn of the card any re-enabling and driver installation of the graphic card causes the issue to return

Please help currently I am running in over scan because I just couldn't handle the ugly black bars on the side of my screen

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