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Journeyman III

min frequency option in profile games not working

I can't get the force min frequency option in game prefixes to work.

no matter what i do when the gpu load is low the clocks hit low. normally i dont care except for games like valorant.

i have frame drops and i notice inputlag, i try to set the min frequency to 2000 for example but it stays most of the time at 300 MHz, i have 144 fps but i notice that it is not smooth, all the time, at certain times it is super smooth and when i look at the amd software on my other monitor i can see how the gpu clocks are hitting up.

why doesn't this option work? i don't understand why it doesn't lock the gpu clock to the value i set.

is it a driver problem? i am using 22.11.1 on my rx 6600

does anyone know how I can fix it?
by the way i am not English i hope i have explained myself correctly

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