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Adept II

Microsoft update(s?) tricks monitor into thinking there is no signal when signal in fact does exist

I use a Sapphire Pulse Radeon RC Vega 56 HDMI / Triple DP OC (UEFI) with a Nixeus NX-VUE24B 24" 1920 x 1080 AMD FreeSync 144Hz Gaming Monitor.

The GPU is freesync 2-compatible, but the screen is not freesync 2 if that makes a difference to someone.

Something in the tricks the monitor into thinking there is no signal when signal in fact does exist. If I turn the monitor off and on again, I can see there is a signal--but a few seconds later the screen thinks the signal isn't there and it goes to standby to save power!

I never had any problems before updates KB4528760 and KB4532938 came along.

The January 14, 2020-KB4532938 Cumulative Update is for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8.

The January 14, 2020—KB4528760 update does the following:

"Updates to improve security when storing and managing files.

Updates to improve security when using input devices such as a mouse, keyboard, or stylus."

I tried booting with "Safe video" and that didn't do anything. I can't try turning freesync off or changing any sort of driver setting because as soon as the installation for any drive version finishes, the screen loses its grasp on the signal.

The only option I have, as a Windows 10 Home user is to boot to safe mode, uninstall my graphics driver (any version; doesn't matter) and uninstall the offending updates. Until windows automatically installs them when I forget to extend the updates pause.

This is a critical problem!(!!!)

I've tried a range of drivers, from last September to now. the problem is definitely with one of those two updates.

I tried reinstalling KB4528760 manually and it says it's not applicable. I downloaded the correct version. I double-checked. Could it be dependent on the faulty .NET update?

I just want AMD to know this is a problem. I reported this to Microsoft on its feedback system and answers forum already. Anywhere else I should send this report?

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