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Journeyman III

Massive stutter lags in many games


I am and have been experiencing massive stutter lags constiently for some time now, tried many diffrent things and just havent got around to how to fix my lag. I experience it in these games and more. 

- Csgo, Cod Warzone and more


From what i can tell the lag is caused by my graphics card, both the core clock jumping up and down and at same time fans going faster slower in the same "beat", i dont know how to solve this and thied many things. Came across a post where someone said to take apart GPU and reapply thermal paste cause maybe it would be false temps causing graphics card to do weird stuff. I get like temps from 65-80 in full run on my GPU

This is my pc specs:

- Msi Rx 480 Gaming X 8gb, I5 9600kf, 16 gb ddr4 3200 mhz ram, cooler master water cooler, 550w gold psu, Gigabyte Z390 gaming x


I tried all of this

- Resetting pc, new Radeon software update, drivers, fiddling with under volting and more


How can i fix this lag, all games are practically unplayable

(My primary language is not english so sorry in advance)

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Through adrenaline, manually set the frequencies (the performance tab => settings check the box manually and the advanced control check box and there do not touch the maximum frequency only the minimum(you can set the frequency the same as the maximum). Do not touch the pack's voltage either. The frequencies will stop jumping if you have a floating load on the gpu, for example, you play and look at one point, and the load floats from 15% to 80%, usually digging into the bios of the video card helps, I do not know what model you have who is the vendor of the video card? for example, on my rx6900xt this is sapphire, and the utility is called TriXX through it I switched the bios( you can also physically switch there is a small switch on the card (on my card it is)