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Adept II

Many problems with RX 5700 - boost clocks, low gpu usage, blue screens and device hung directX error

I have many of problems that RX 5700 have.

  1. Low GPU clocks, fluctuating from 1200 to 2000mhz. Low GPU usage/utilisation on 1080p games like Sniper Ghost Warrior 3. GPU usage in this game is 40% in many places and fps drops from 70 to 30. This is unplayable.

  2. ATIKMDAG.SYS bluescreen randomly

  3. when i use VSR and playing ubisoft games like NFS HEAT, Batllefield these are quitting in loading or in game with "directx device hung" error. I had this error year ago on nvidia too, but when i set pagefile to 8GB then this problem is solved. For RX5700 i set even 12GB pagefile and it can't help.

  4. The Surge 2: after changing video settings from high to auto, medium or low - sometimes appears crash "device removed"
  5. I played today Crysis 3 and of course low gpu usage and "dxcgi error device hung"

Full HD playing on this card is very hard.

Any help?

My system:

  • AMD RX 5700 XFX Ultra DD
  • Desktop
  • Windows 10 64bit 1909
  • Driver 19.2.1
  • 60hz monitor full hd eizo
  • B450 A pro newest bios
  • Ryzen 3600/X
  • Supremo 550W Gold
  • 2x8GB RAM Crucial Ballistic LT Sport 3000Mhz CL15

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Adept II

I played today Crysis and of course low gpu usage and "dxcgi error device hung".

Adept II

Boost behaviour in Asassins Creed Origins Assassin's Creed Origins: Ryzen 2700X + RX 5700 (XT) low GPU usage / low boost 1080p benchmark - You... 

Low gpu usage down to 75%

Journeyman III

I have mostly the same issues as OP ,

Low utilization while playing games. 90% - 97% then it dropped to 40% and below 10% causing massive stuttering . When i ALT-TAB the game my utilization when up but within 10 to 15 minutes it happened again. DDU'ed the driver and applied Adrenaline 19.12.3 didn't helped much as the problem persisted.

After update 19.12.3

Had black screen (no display but game running and responsive since input from me still registered from the sound) a restart and no problems. Game played was FF14 , maximum graphic settings @1080p (native) monitor.

Currently switch back to 19.12.2

Other games played that have issues are

  • CODE VEINS - utilization problem (VSR on/off, Freesync and enhance sync off) ALT-TAB cures for a bit, then it comes back.
  • GOD EATER - Same problem as CODE VEINS.

3dmark completed with full utilization, but i guess because it was created to stress the GPU, so it is expected (i guess).

I just bought the GPU for one month and voided the warranty because i change the thermal paste(because i could feel hot at the back of the pcb) but not careful enough to remove the small W D sticker on 2 of the screws that was holding the heatsink. Thermals stays quit low (60-71c on load) at times and still problem persisted. All readings were from adrenaline overlay.

My Setup

GPU - Sapphire RX 5700 Pulse

DRIVER - 19.12.2

CPU - Ryzen 5 2600 @ 4.1 ghz (OC'd with 240 AIO(120mm NF12 noctua fans blowing air into radiatior)

MOBO - MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX

OS on - ADATA XPG SX6000 256gb (NVME)

RAM - Kingston Hyper X 3200 8x2 gb kit ( dual channel mode) XMP @ 3200 mhz

OS - Win 10 1903 (i could not upgrade to 1909)

PSU - Super Flower Leadex II 650w Full Modular 90+ Gold Cert


Anyone can assist?. If more information is required i will install MSI AB for more accurate ( i hope) readings.

Thanks in advance


Adept II

Try reinstalling Windows 10

Journeyman III

Finally i, bios flash my Non XT to an XT version. Then i auto oc it, It held under a max of 2134 mhz , temp goes about 80c but thats because i the fans never get to hit their proper rpm, no black screen or slow down running FF14 benchmark in fact got a nice boost in scores .

But still goes under utilize when playing game. Its either a really borked GPU, which unfortunately i cant return/rma anymore (though i do msg sapphire anyway to see their response) or AMD's driver just not playing nice with the hardware and 1080p 75hz panels. Let see payday and whether i'll buy a 1440p monitor( and hope solves the issues) or 2070 super (damnn the prices though TT)

I was just hopping to just play games T_T


Did you reinstall Windows 10? It helped me with gpu utilisation in most games.

well try that later then. I was holding it till the last step lol, though i've realized that both games that i currently playing are both using unity engine, i'll test on other game engines too to make sure its driver and specific game engines only or all games.


Yep i can confirmed with all the previous game that i had utilization problems are now fixed after resetting windows 10. After installation and update all mobo drivers, i went straight to Adrenaline 19.12.3 and still running with 5700 XT BIOS , gains and smoother gameplay at 1080p@75hz Highest settings . So far no blackscreen, no screen freeze, no soft/hard crash, no problems so far for me the whole day. (mind you, all i did was test 5 minutes of gaming for each game as that is how long i was able to play smoothly before). Game Tested :-




Currently i OC to

GPU 1900@1054mV

FAN PROFILE - pastedImage_3.png

Freesync, Enhance Sync OFF,

Stable and quite for now. Will report back if any changes occurred after 1 week from today.

thanks korzychxp