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Adept I

Manual Fan Control loss after reboot of Windows.

Like the title says i want to set a manual fan control on Adrenalin for my xfx raw ii card because this thing being an xfx and apparently they having the worst heatsinks my gpu temps go all the way to the 80s during gaming like bfv for example and my fans never go above 45% when letting the driver control everything. When i set a fan curve i can tolerate the extra noise and i really dont care since i game with a headset but I'm happy when i see my card stays well below 75 degrees with the fans at around 70% so i like it like this. Problem is after i reboot i got to manually apply the profile again because it does stay in manual mode but it goes back to the default of only 45% total fan output. I have done the fast boot thing and have done research and nothing, its just seems to be a driver bug and AMD needs to get their behinds on top of  little issues like this, I could have waited a couple paychecks more and saved an extra $100 and got my self a 2070 super and that's it but I really want to give this card a try , its a minor inconvenience having to manually apply settings before a game session but it shouldn't be like this, never had such issues with any of my previous Nvidia cards, I got a pretty new rx570 that I never returned before getting this and I can set that one and forget it and it stays around 70 degrees so i dont touch that one. i know the xfx cards have a poor cooling solution but i can deal with it if I could set a fan curve and forget about it regardless of the many times I restart my pc.