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Journeyman III

Make a interesting new GPU please!

Hey, I will just try to make  a point here, So lets start i would really like for AMD to make a interesing GPU because i havent seen one since Rx 580. That was 4 years ago... i am a average gamer, and as a average gamer i game at 1080P and im always looking for a gpu thats under the price of 300-200eur and since rx 580 nothing new from AMD was good enough RX5500XT was the newer copy of rx580 and it could mine... im a miner too and for me as a "gamerminer" nvidia makes more sence in all ways take GTX1660Ti  or RTX3060Ti that are better priced and have better performance and are much better for mining considering thai price to performence. so please make something game changing in that price point because AMD was popular and supported because it was more affordible but now they arent affprdible for someone like me at all , even if i was a big big the biggest fan an di spent the 400eur for the RX6700XT   it would benefit me in any way then buying a second hand RX580 or any nvidia gpu thats 2 years old. For me i loved AMD i had a ryzen 5 for 3 years but now AMD is just a company that batteles with Nvidia to make a 10 FPS difference and is using RAM for marketing i use to love the company but i sold my pc and switched to xeon because its lot cheaper and has simular performance at half the price. I still hope for AMD to do something thats the reason of writting this but for me people will buy these new GPUs for not the reason that they like and enjoy them but simpely because they will be available. I personaly have lost feith in AMD and i am compleately walking away from its products. I still think there is Hope for this company but something ah sto change. 


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Adept III

Not trying to troll or anything but why? Also, with what? All of the lower binned chips are going towards the current console generation and the better silicon can be used in more expensive products. With the next generation adopting a chiplet design it may make sense to produce entry products at that point but now there is not enough to go around


no it doesnt matter because as youn decribed "now" you make any gpu and its instantly sold so it doesnt matter what they make, its just that for me it always that nvidia made the better cards and amd made the lower cards that people could afford, the first thing didnt change and they stopped making the lower end ones so thats my consurn not about the silicone... but in the companys target changing and not to better in any way at least not in any way considering GPUs


I think the GPU you want would be the 6600XT if they make one this generation.

But right now, the market is messed up pretty bad. Even if a GPU like this comes out I'm sure the pricing would still be very very very inflated and not worth buying altogether. Its time for the waiting game, for gamers.

They are all sold out right now, everywhere, and the prices are a complete madness. Sub 500€ (note the EURO) for a midtier card where the 6700XT should be sub 500$ (around 418 Euros).




Forget the used market, that's even worse. 420€ for a used RX480 here.


The Englishman