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Journeyman III

Main monitor is phantom

Acer tc-605 with sapphire r9 270x on win 10, triple 24" monitors.

Worked fine with 3 monitors when I put it in storage last spring, took it out of storage and applied a bizillion ms patches last fall and it picked up a phantom 4th display on the desktop.  I'd delete the generic pnp display in the control panel but it kept coming back.  I could just ignore it though as nothing was using it.

windows 1079 patch seemed to change that, 3 real monitors would be black after patch (some prompt going to phantom display maybe?), power reset would undo patch and it's good but patch would eventually get reapplied and problem back.   Bit the bullet and did Windows reset and now phantom display is the main display and every config./settings/personalization window is inaccessible so I'm stuck.

Can't access bios on boot, no onboard video I can fall back on,can't upgrade drivers 'cause something will go to phantom display then I'm stuck.   tried an older vid board, same thing.

any ideas?


Edit:  I tried swapping to an older vid board and it was still black, but then I put in the R5 that the system came with and I've got 1 good desktop now with only 1 display and the BIOS splash screen is now visible on boot!.  Will try applying all patches and re-installing radeon drivers (it a MS generic vid driver after the update) before swapping back to R9.

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