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Journeyman III

Low performance on new high end PC

So, last month I won on a giveaway a new PC and my experience with games are far from what I expected I started playing old games that I couldn't with my old rig like AC: Unity, AC: Syndicate or The Witcher 3 and with all of them I'm experiencing low performance, very far from being "smoothy" as I imagined with this PC.

I used MSI Afterburner to see GPU Usage (~60%), FPS (35-45) and GPU Temps (~60C) when playing AC: Syndicate on ULTRA at 1080p. It seems GPU Usage isn't at max and I concluded that it's the principal problem of low performance (FPS) on games. Am i wrong?

Is it normal that GPU usage percentage on the current rig and that game? What can be the problem? Is there anything I'm missing? My previous rig was Intel / Nvidia so there may be chances of missing setup for AMD.

PS: Yesterday I updated GPU drivers with AMD Radeon software (Radeon™ Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.3.1).


- Ryzen 7 2700x

- RX VEGA 56

- AORUS 470 Gaming 5 WiFi

- 16 GB RAM 

3 Replies
Adept II

First check in another game

Second the AC series game they have broken engine in my opinion 

If in another game you will be have a normal FPS don't worry 

How much FPS in AC on ultra you have?


Hi, thanks for ur answer! As I said, I've playing old games (AC:Unity, AC: Syndicate, The Witcher 3, also GTA V) and with all of them the experience is the same, low performance. Yesterday I reinstalled Windows and downloaded again AC: Syndicate to check if it was a corrupted driver (or Windows update) and nothing changed, I keep getting between 35-45 FPS at 60% GPU Usage 


What is your ram speed? AMD Ryzen like a fast ram like 3000-3200MhZ 

In my opinion for this game is Easly to get 60fps+

Maybe GTA V not GTA work not really good on amd cards in ultra try to get down shadow in game and AA 

Look, maybe you have V-Sync on?

Try to get a liittle bit low settings graphc in some game like shadow, post AA etc.

Go FireStrike test benchmark and check your result many people have the same spec

check the score in google

But tell me your ram speed