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Journeyman III

Low & unstable fps on Counter Strike 1.6 with my RX 570

This is my first time using AMD forums so i hope you can help me with this.

So, i have a low spec pc:

8gb ram 2x4, i5 2500k CPU, and a RX 570 8gb

I've been using this pc many years, i used to have an GT 610 Nvidia gpu, it was terrible for almost all games except for counter strike 1.6, with that card i had 200 fps and no frame drops. But i decided it was time for a gpu boost so i got a rx 570, it works fine on any other game but when i tried play cs 1.6 my fps were terrible. Can't handle 100 stable fps and some times drops to 57 fps. I dont understand what could be happening, hope you can help me with this

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Journeyman III

i really have the same issue, i upgraded from GT 610 to RX 570 and i have unstable and drop fps on cs1.6 and i cannot overclock my monitor to 75hz as i do it before with my GT 610, i hope there is a solution for this