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Journeyman III


hello i have a problem with a game tom claiincys ghost recon wildlandsi send email to ubisoft and ask me for dxdiag and msinfo and i send them and they answer is I have checked the system reports you have provided and I can see your graphics card drivers although up to date, the resources show to be failing (LKD_0x141_Tdr:6_IMAGE_atikmpag.sys). I would suggest to make a clean install of the resources ( and even contact AMD support to test the integrity of the graphic's cards...... i do a clean install but i have same problem with black screen.. my radeon rx 570 nitro+ 4 gb is new only 6 months

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This basic method of installing AMD drivers is good for both Laptop and Desktop. If you still have problems, post back any other errors that shows up.:

Try this basic method of uninstalling and reinstalling AMD Drivers.

First download the correct Full AMD driver set from AMD Support for your Desktop

Make sure your Windows 10 is fully updated via Windows Update (including Optionals).

Disconnect the Internet from your computer to prevent it from installing a different GPU Driver than the one you are installing.

Use Windows 10 Uninstall to uninstall all AMD Drivers and software. Then use DDU in safe mode to completely eliminate all traces of the old AMD drivers and software related to the GPU.

Delete C:\AMD Folder. This prevents New and Old AMD driver files from installing and corrupting the installation process.

After rebooting from DDU, Reinstall the new AMD Full set of drivers. If it installed correctly, again delete C:\AMD folder to save Hard Disk space and reconnect to the Internet.


i all steps but same problem on loading screen blackscreen and the game close


If you have any 3rd party OC software like MSI Afterburner, Uninstall it after putting your GPU back to "Default". These type of programs interferes with AMD Wattman whether it is activated or not.

Activate AMD Wattman from Radeon Settings. Here is how to activate and configure Wattman: How to Tune GPU Performance Using Radeon Wattman and Radeon Chill .

This thread is active here in the Forum. It has suggestions on the proper configuration for the Rx5xx series card using Wattman. to prevent it from crashing.

This seems to be a common issue with the RX4xx and RX5xx series cards.