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Journeyman III

Legacy gpus driver update

Dear amd I wish that you can add a new amd legacy drivers update because most old users have old gpus and cpus like my lenovo g585 amd hd7310 and E1-1500 apu because ehh i use win 10 and this amd catalyst have nothing i mean just some 3D settings and cpu power and the other aren't so useful i mean amd can you make a software only for legacy drivers like adrenalin because bruh it's not cool for the old gpu/cpu users Thanks amd if you readed this comment i wish amd you will think what I posted because it can boost your company more people will want amd and now for users if you guys want try to like this comment or idk what is here just comment I agree and we will get better fps with better drivers.          I ❤️ amd if you will do this.



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Re: Legacy gpus driver update

The reason why legacy drivers, in most cases, can't be updated is due to hardware issues.

Simply put, the old legacy hardware, GPU, doesn't have the electronics to run newer drivers.