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Adept II

Latest graphics drivers problems 6950XT

Anyone else having problems with the latest drivers?  I have run both and get the same issues.  Even after safe mode DDU and clean install and uninstalling KB5013943.  Bought direct from AMD, 6950XT.  I have no other options since my card is not supported in previous drivers.  My previous card was a 6800XT bought direct from AMD and had no problems at all.  My PSU is a EVGA1KW Platinum and my crashes usually occur browsing online or just trying to open the AMD software itself.  

AMD Software: Host Application

Stopped responding and was closed

‎5/‎16/‎2022 7:34 AM

Report sent

A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows.
Faulting Application Path: C:\Program Files\AMD\CNext\CNext\RadeonSoftware.exe

Problem signature
Problem Event Name: MoAppHang
Package Full Name: AdvancedMicroDevicesInc-RSXCM_22.10.0.0_x64__fhmx3h6dzfmvj
Application Name: praid:AMDRadeonSoftwareDesktop
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 627473ee
Hang Signature: f31f
Hang Type: 2097152
OS Version: 10.0.22000.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Hang Signature 1: f31f96302b38402b5198ea34857bacfc
Additional Hang Signature 2: b744
Additional Hang Signature 3: b744666e597bc7ddbe63ebe0b7b8da94
Additional Hang Signature 4: f31f
Additional Hang Signature 5: f31f96302b38402b5198ea34857bacfc
Additional Hang Signature 6: b744
Additional Hang Signature 7: b744666e597bc7ddbe63ebe0b7b8da94

Extra information about the problem
Bucket ID: 577c4995212d5ba880f8d6a8b56dc15e (1222963318917808478)

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Adept II

Re: Latest graphics drivers problems 6950XT

Uninstalling AMD Link seems to have helped the AMD Software problem, but still get a random grey screen freeze which happens when browsing the web.  I've noticed it happens the most when on Youtube.  It doesn't seem to be a cooling or power issue since stressing the card with benchmark software and playing games doesn't affect it.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Latest graphics drivers problems 6950XT

As a temporary workaround, try disabling hardware acceleration in your web browser to see if that helps.
Adept II

Re: Latest graphics drivers problems 6950XT

As I troubleshoot this further I found that it also will lock up with a grey screen randomly in Windows, even with no internet browsing.  Per AMD's recommendation, I bought another M.2 drive and the full retail version of Win 11 since the Win 11 upgrade I did had other various system errors.  The outcome of this was a thinner wallet and the same grey screen of death. 

Since it's not a high power related issue I started troubleshooting low power issues and found an AMD compatibility setting in MSI Afterburner called "Disable ULPS".  ULPS, ultra low power state, hmmm.  Since I disabled ULPS I've had no more issues since....  I'll keep this updated if there's any changes.  

Adept II

Re: Latest graphics drivers problems 6950XT

Looks like this might be an issue with the latest drivers and Windows 11 Xbox Game Bar.  I spent some time and used my 6800XT for a few days and finally saw it fail with the same grey screen of death.  I noticed this time that the xbox game bar (which I never use) was what hung.  I removed the game bar and and we'll see, time will tell.