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Journeyman III

Laptop with dual switchable graphics, cant use the main GPU

I recently purchased a brand new Aspire E15 E5-553G-T03K laptop after having a world of problems with my Asus one. I specifically chose this machine for the Radeon R8 M445DX 2Gb graphics adapter.

No matter what settings I chose the system only wants to use the built in 512Mb R5 adaptor so it is slow as hell with low resolution.

How can I force it to only use the dedicated graphics adapter for everything and disable the other one?

I have downloaded the latest Catalyst software 18.2.1 which has a world of confusing switchable graphics options for individual apps but it still defaults to the build in card.

Additionally the software now tells me that it is a R7 M340 adapter and not the R8 M445 as it says on the machine.

My resolution is terrible if I go above 1366x768 (which my 7 year old laptop can do).  Please help, I want to use the hardware this machine came with and disable the crappy R5!

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Thanks for the reply, followed those instructions and it has just reinstalled Catalyst 18.2.1 which I had before, putting right back at square one.

It is still using only the built in R5 graphics card.

The processor is a A10 9600P if it is any help.


The best I can offer you if those instructions aren't doing the trick, with the Vanilla AMD drivers on this site. You likely should only use the drivers release for your laptop from you manufacturer. It is not uncommon that they customize the drivers for their hardware. AMD can't adjust for this, they didn't make the changes. Not to say something else isn't going on. But I would start with help from them at this point. If they just send you back to AMD and they probably will, open a support ticket and maybe you get some help. Email Form  Also maybe someone else here can offer some better help. 

Good Luck!


Maybe this link will provide you with a better understanding of how your system works and the quality you should be getting from it.

AMD Radeon R8 M445DX Dual Graphics - Benchmarks and Specs - Tech

Journeyman III

Thanks for the replies, it seems then there is no way to force the machine to use the dedicated GPU. It is stuck on the feeble integrated one at low resolutions as default - a seriously bad design flaw IMO.

I dont want to play games on the thing, just use it as a work computer, a bit of photoshop etc, but I cant on this crappy low resolution that the internal card maxes out on.


Jamiev you should at least be able to load the original drivers that came with that laptop and be able to do Photoshop and such with them. If you can't you have a real problem with the machine. The manufacturer should do something about this. If this is under warranty still then definitely so. Don't give up. Demand something is done. You should get what you paid for.


I did find an update driver on the Acer site from just days ago. Have you tried it?

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