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Journeyman III

laptop problem :(

hi guys! i have a problem with my laptop

current specs.

Dell inspiron 14 3000 series

windows 10 64 bt

intel core i3

8 gb ddr4 ram

amd radeon graphics R5 m330

ive recently formatted my laptop after some updates with thje windows 1803

then after starting playing league of legends, ive got some error saying application has been blocked from accessing  graphics hardware

can someone pls help me with this problem because i cant do somethinh. i tried formatting it again and again pls help

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Just to clarify... the process of "formatting" a computer typically refers to wiping the hard drive and then reorganizing the partitions in order to make the drive usable. Are you stating that you ran into issues with Windows OS updates and therefore you reformatted your drive, or something else?

Regardless, it sounds like you need to download and install the latest chipset/VGA drivers from AMD's drivers page. You will be looking for mobile 64-bit drivers package for Windows 10. After they are installed, reboot the computer and try running the game again.