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Journeyman III

Laptop freeze when going Full-screen on YouTube

Hi !!

My Laptop seems to freeze whenever i enter Full-screen on Youtube.

  • It doesn't happen on any other site only Youtube
  • The freeze happens randomly , although most of the time, i noticed that it happens only few seconds after i go full-screen.
  • When it freezes , i tried refreshing by clicking on Fn+F5 and many other keys that might refresh or reset the thing, didn't work , pretty sure that means keyboard is also freezed.
  • The first time it happened 
  • i can either hard shut the laptop then reboot , or wait a few minutes (3 to 5 min) then it restarts itself.

I previously thought that the problem was from the browser , then i switched from Chrome to Opera GX and it kept happening.

I'm not 100% sure this is a GPU problem so i think it worth mentioning that i  haven't noticed any issues while playing games or streaming in other sites.



Thank you in advance , and i apologize if this isn't a GPU Problem.