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Adept II

Just an observation.

I did not want to crap on any thread started so I wanted to start my own.

It seems that AMD has put out a dud of a video card and at the price point of video cards this is a major NONO! 

The 7900XTX and XT are looking like a card I would really stay away from. 

One would think that AMD would have the BEST video cards on the market today, yet here we are almost 25 years since AMD purchased Radeon graphics and we are stuck with crap. I have the RX580, and that card is good not great like the ASUS TUF 1650S.

But still for a card priced over one thousand dollars this is pathetic AMD.

AMD just failed everyone IMHO. 


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Adept II

Back when I first started building my own computers in 2002 I always had AMD cpu's and many ATI graphic cards, for several years I fought with ATi drivers, crashes etc. I finally was giving up, had a IT friend from work come by and look at computer. He messed with it over a couple of days nothing would get corrected, some times it would work for a couple days then bam, crashing. Other times it would seem to be working fine and before he made it home the system would be crashing right after he left. Finally he came by and said time to get the ATI stuff out. He had a Nvidia XFX 8800GT Alpha Dog Edition Graphics card. Installed it with drivers, never had a issue with computer from that day forward. Since that time I have never bought a ATI/AMD Graphics card, always stayed on the sidlines, and bought Nvidia, I hated paying the higher prices compared to ATI, but I was so sick of ATI I never looked back. I have been with Nvidia ever since and would never even consider a AMD/ATI card. With all the stuff I have read over the years and to this day, it is still a problem that plagues AMD with Radeon, sometimes they get it right, but for the most part constant issues. In my entire time of using Nvidia cards I have never fought a system to the point of wanting to throw it out the window. I would think after all these years AMD would have Graphics cards down to a science by now. I love AMD CPU's, to the point I have never built a system with a Intel cpu. I know there are people that feel the other way about Nvidia, but this is just a summary of my personal experience. I really wish someday I could build a all AMD system.


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Adept II

I mean.. In my country, Netherlands, a 7900 XT is available for ~1100 eu while the 4080 begins at ~1470 eu

That's why I bought one, for example a 7900 XT easily outperforms an 3090 and even a 3090ti in games while being cheaper at this point so I'd say it's a W.

Adept II

See my problem is I have used and still use both.

AMD is so far behind and I just can NOT understand why.

For the life of me AMD OWNS ATI! BOUGHT THEM out (they were going to buy up Nvidia remember?).

IMHO AMD makes the best overall CPU for me than Intel. 

I have been a user of both, but AMD is my main CPU pick 100% of the time. 

This said why is ATI so carppy?

You would think that ATI would DOMINATE not SUCK. 

I just do not get it. 


So we know you have Nv card, do we consider you a Nv shill?

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