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Journeyman III

Is my Power Supply capable for RX 570?

I'm planning to get an RX 570 4gb, and I don't know if my Power Supply can handle it.

My Power Supply is a 500w Cougar SL500. Other parts will be an intel i7-3770, 2 sticks of 4gb ram, 3 hard drives and a possible ssd in the future.

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Re: Is my Power Supply capable for RX 570?

This website gives a good recommendations for  PSU for various GPU cards: PSU REQUIREMENTS - RealHardTechX

According to that Website you will have the minimum PSU wattage for your computer system:

AMD recommends a minimum PSU of 450 Watts: Radeon™ RX 570 | Advanced HD Gaming Graphics Card | AMD

I would suggest to upgrade your PSU to at least a PSU equal to or over 700 Watts. That way in the future you can upgrade to more powerful GPU or CPU/APUs without worry.  Your PSU of 500 Watts should work without any problems though. It is best to purchase a high Quality PSU rated in one of the Metal categories (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum). That way you will know it will output the correct voltages and wattages under heavy stress or loads.