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Journeyman III

Is my 'AMD Ryzen 3 2200G' Processor with Integrated Vega Graphics compatible on my motherboard?

I'm a first time PC Builder and built everything and the PC Boots fine, the pc works with its status color (I read the manual), however, the monitor isn't picking up any signals. (Note, this monitor has been about a decade old and has been collecting dust and I've been leaving it in the sun for a long time).

I'd like to know if my motherboard is compatible with this Ryzen Processor Graphics, so if the answer is:

No, the motherboard does not support onboard graphics, then I'm gonna go buy a dedicated GPU.

Yes, the motherboard is compatible with your processor's onboard VEGA Graphics, I'm going to buy a new monitor.

My motherboard is the 'ASUS PRIME A320M-A'. Please give me an answer, a simple yes or no would help, I'm very new to PC Building and would like to know.