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Journeyman III

Is my 6800 XT under performing?


I recently got my hand on an XFX 6800 XT and whilst it's been a huge upgrade I feel it's performance isn't what I should be. This has me very concerned. compared to benchmarks and videos (the only thing I can compare against) I'm experiencing 10-30 fps less than what other 6800xt users are. I'll go into more in depth examples below but my assumption is that my 2600x is bottlenecking it. however before I upgrade I want to make sure that's the case and that there's nothing wrong with my GPU in the first place.

I've tested on some benchmarks. on superposition (4k optimised) I'm getting a score of 13347 which is slightly below average but it's most likely due to the CPU. on Time Spy my highest score was 13609 which is around average for users with the same CPU but below average of overall 6800 XT.

On to games. the most intensive games I've run are monster hunter world, in which with max settings and HD textures I was getting an average of 110 fps. which is roughly 10-15 fps less than other benchmarks. Witcher 3 on 1440p and max settings though was running pretty poorly, roughly around 90-100 fps which is significantly below what I could compare with online.

I've also noticed that my GPU usage constantly jumps around 60-80% in games and those jumps come with fps losses, usually at low FPS my GPU usage is also dipping.

I would straight up say it's a CPU bottleneck if it weren't for the fact that I've yet to see my CPU go above 50-60% in those games. Can someone please help me narrow down what the issue is? I'm going slightly insane here.

The rest of my specs are:

Asus Prime B450- PLUS (latest BIOS)

Corsair TX850 Gold

16 gb (2x8) 3000 mhz DDR4 Corsair sticks.

Ryzen 5 2600X


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Adept II

Re: Is my 6800 XT under performing?

My GPU usage jumps a lot too, idk why, I think is a driver issue. Regarding the lower fps against other 6800XTs it might be due to the "Silicone Lottery", the silicone in your card is not that good. Try to overclock it using the Auto Overclock on Adrenaline and run the benchmarks again to see if that helped a bit.

Good luck!


Re: Is my 6800 XT under performing?

You have a CPU bottleneck.

Only a very well threaded game will show 100% CPU usage.  Most are going to be limited by the main render thread, meaning you're maxed out even when the overall CPU usage is well below 100%.

You can use a utility called Process Explorer to see the per-thread CPU usage for a given game.  It's on the Threads page of the process properties window.  Sort by CPU descending.  Maximum per-thread usage on a six-core processor with SMT is 8.33% (i.e. 100/12).