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Journeyman III

Is an eDP (embedded displayport) connection such as is found in laptop screens that are connected to a dedicated graphics card (RX 580) supported by EyeFinity?

I have an HP Omen gaming laptop with an RX 580. I have one monitor connected to a displayport-capable screen with a mini-DP to DP cable (no adapter). A second monitor is connected straight HDMI to HDMI. My third monitor is the laptop screen built in to my laptop. The laptop screen uses an eDP connection as indicated by the specs that show up in radeon graphics settings and in my driver details page.

Can I use EyeFinity with these three displays?

I successfully used spacedesk software to make a 4th virtual monitor server that had a resolution equalling the 3x 1080p displays (5760x1080) and stretched the client window over the three displays on the same machine for a similar effect to eyefinity, but it was way too slow/laggy/high-latency for extended gameplay even on the lowest settings (but batman:arkham asylum did look cool with that FOV). Too many software layers for the performance to be any good like that, I suppose.

By the way, if there's no eDP support for eyefinity, I'd be happy if anyone else had a third-party software alternative with feasible ms & response times that would work for my set up.

Much thanks in advance!

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