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Journeyman III

Intel's new gpu update kills my vega 64 at random.

Since intel released a graphics driver fix this last week ,

My vega suddenly starts to shut down at random during use of pc....

Can AMD please look into this bug and make a fix or ask Microsoft or intel to fix their crap that sabotages competing manufacturers.

I am running both DGPU and IGPU , for obvious quicksync reasons. It worked flawlessly before intel put out their so called fix for their graphics background resource usage. So intel in effect is sabotaging the use of my VEGA 64 XT.

Why can't you big tech guys work together instead of this sabotaging each other ?

the fact i have to wait here for 10 minutes to make another post about another topic is frankly put tyrannical and oppressing.

And you couldn't put a visible timer on it either , we just have to keep guessing and trying till it gets accepted ?

And i can't say you suck for that ? LOL captcha doesn't pop up

To me it's very easy, no customer support/empty promises = no more sales either. i'm done with big tech's arrogance. they should have become bread bakers instead.

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It would be nice to see what your computer information is. Make & Mode of CPU, GPU, Motherboard, Laptop, Windows version, etc.

I presume this is a Desktop and not a laptop that you are talking about and the AMD GPU is actually a RX Vega64 card.

In a desktop I can't see how a Intel Graphic driver fix will affect a Desktop AMD GPU card unless the Intel Hot Fix involves Intel CHIPSET Drivers.

If this is a laptop then I can see some connection since the AMD GPU card probably works in conjunction with the Intel APU Graphics in your laptop.

So once you state your computer information it will be helpful for anyone that want to offer any suggestions.