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Journeyman III

instant lock up with the 2400g- not even a BSOD

TLDR: think I have an iGPU problem, have tried basic troubleshooting, unsure if hardware or software problem-probably software. need help/suggestions.


Ryzen 5 2400g w/ Vega 11

ASRock AB350 Fatal1ty ITX

Patriot Viper 3000mhz 2x4GB DDR4 (on the mobo QVL)


I'll keep it short. I have done plenty of troubleshooting with software and some hardware that i can get my hands on. I'm a newbie so I have missed some things like updating the BIOS and out of fear of messing up. (My BIOS is like 9 months old)

System runs fine on Microsoft Basic Display Adaptor- I can game(on 10FPS~) In addition, I did install a discrete GPU(Radeon HD 7750) and it worked perfectly. I could run a userbenchmark test and game on max settings(League). This shows it's an iGPU problem right?

My reasoning it's an iGPU problem is:

- Userbenchmarks stress everything before the GPU test. With Vega 11 my system is fine until the GPU test.

-I have also run memory diagnostic tests which show no problems.

-Whenever I don't use the iGPU my system is perfectly fine.

-My PSU is fine because it surely would've blown up when I had a discrete card in there and stressed my system.

Upon downloading latest MOBO and Vega drivers my system is great. Nice and clear 1080p display, I have volume, everything I wanted!... until I stress the iGPU. I don't even get 1 second of gameplay in League of Legends before a lockup. I must've missed something.

I used to get BSOD but now it's only ever a lockup, which makes me think the problem is getting worse. This especially sucks because I don't even get to see the memory dumps.

Things I have done:

I have used 3 different Vega 11 drivers(Beta,stable and the oldest available) - all produce the same problem.

I have run tests with and without the MOBO drivers- no difference.

Each time I do the tests I use DDU on safe mode to reset everything.

I'm not overheating. I'm usually running my system at 25~ degrees Celsius.

RAM is on auto settings (2133MHz) - I have run tests with XMP on too.-no change

Not overclocked my CPU or iGPU-not even once.(I dont want to until I get my system working)

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Adept I

its sad that nobody from amd answers this honestly.


yep really annoying. still 1 year later i have the same problem so I had to

buy a discrete GPU to fix it. I'm going to RMA it soon as it's clearly not

able to function as advertised.


i found a workaround for most of the gpu problems, i found that if you increase minimum clocks and volt for a game to a 100% lets say, for League of Legends, the GPU clocks at maximum 1600 mhz and 1080 mv and for minimum it goes down to 700 mhz and 800 mv. lets say we fix minimum clock and MV to 1600 and 1080mv. so we fix it to a 100%. try doing that with radeon software making an exclusive profile for each program u have issues. and see what happens. I havent got a freeze in literally weeks.

these are my lol settings. sorry i took so long to answer. i was getting freezings every 3 or 4 games, now i literally havent got one in weeks. asdas1123123.png


fan speed its up to your taste.


This is a solution that I would be eager to try if it didn't void my


I'm definitely gonna follow your footsteps if somehow im unable to RMA my

chip so I appreciate the response a lot.

Thank you man