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Journeyman III


Hi everyone, I just bought a 5700xt of the XFX. Sometimes it's as if you disconnect the video signal for a couple of seconds and then reconnect: what can it be due to? I have already tried to uninstall windows 11 and reinstall it.

Salve a tutti, ho appena comprato una 5700xt delle XFX. A volte è come se mi si staccasse il segnale video per un paio di secondi per poi riconnettersi: a cosa può essere dovuto? Ho già provato a disinstallare windows 11 e a reinstallarlo.

2 Replies

Does it happen all the time or just when heavy loads like playing a game?

If it only happens during game playing I would check the GPU's Hot Spot that it isn't going over 110c. otherwise it could be any of the below answers or more that other Users can come up with.

If happens intermittently all the time I will still check the temperature but most likely it can be a driver or physical hardware issue (loose or defective Video cables, GPU not probably latched to the PCIe slot, AMD driver, possibly configuration issue).


It happens very often. Yesterday I removed the driver with DDU and installed April driver. Today the screen go black when I open Valorant.

But in Cyberpunk i doesn't had any problem.