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Journeyman III

Input not support on second monitor when using VGA splitter

So on my other monitor there's this error that says Input Not Support, and i couldn't get rid of it. I tried all GPU scaling options including turning them on, And I also lowered the resolution with the options. The weird thing is that when in a game like CS:GO When I turn down the resolution down from native the error goes away, although when I exit the game or try the same resolution on the windows settings, nothing. Also the top and right side of the screen are improperly aligned. I've tried turning down the resolution (As i said). I also tried lowering the refresh rate, But the only option was 60hz and  nothing below or above, just 60hz. I can make a custom resolution but I'm a bit of a scary cat and I think ill screw something up there and then everything goes downhill from there. Any help?  Graphics card is an R7 250 and main monitor is 1440x900, the second monitor is 1366x768 (Again, I said I turned down the resolution with no result) 

(This issue has been solved by people on the Steam community).