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Journeyman III

Ingame Screen Stutter Problem

There is This game i play called warframe okay. So i cant go borderless window cuz screen turns black, I have dis problem that has been going on for years. Before  i was able to go windowed mode okay. Everything was fine but then the screen stuttering happened. I couldnt go windowed mode anymore. I was forced into fullscreen which was fine. But going full screen decreases my game performance significantly by 50 or 60fps. So im asking help right now and ill show a clip of how it looks like in windowed mode. So please help me find a solution. Btw i didnt tweak anything before i did this. So if u have any recommendations and if u can help me pls reply. But this doesnt only happen in some games Also apps

for some reason my google chrome stuttered every now and then but after i kept using it, it stopped stuttering. Everytime i lunch a app that my amd radeon graphics card doesnt want it always says application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware. I searched some fixes and nothing worked. So basically help me! So thats why i think my amd radeon graphics card is being overprotective or something is not quite right so thats why i need assistance 

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