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Journeyman III

In-Game Overlay and Metrics Overlay raise temps


I noticed a really weird behaviour. The GPU is RX 6800. When using MSI Afterburner and having its RTSS ingame, everything seems normal. However, if I bring the AMD's ingame overlay, or even use the AMD's Metrics Overlay while being in game, the temperatures instantly raise by 5-8°C, and the fans raise by a 1000 RPM.

At first I thought that it's a mismatch, but by having the MSI Afterburner's stats on the left side and AMD's on the right side at the same time, both Metrics really show the same. When I disable AMD's Metrics, temperatures drop and the RPMs drop as well, but when I disable MSI Afterburner's metrics and use AMD to monitor, they stay elevated.

Is this normal, should the built in metrics overlay really stress the GPU, compared to MSI Afterburner, which seems to run the GPU cooler and more quiet at the same time? How is that possible?

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