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Journeyman III

If i don't downclock my gpu it crash

Hello everyone, i have having issues with my gpu (Rx590) for a long time, for exemple, when i'm playing games, if i'm at normal clock, after a certain time, screens will turn blacks saying no signal, gpu fans's will go to 100% but i'll still have game sound, and peripherals working for a short time (30s-1min). The solution, that isn't really a solution i found is to downclock by 5% my GPU with Radeon software and increasing power limit to 50%, but for me it's not a solution, because i'm losing perf. 

So if someone had the same issue, or have an idea to solve this, i love you !

Thx for reading ! 

My specs : MB : Aorus B450m

Memory : 2x8gb Ballistix 2666mhz

GPU : Rx590 gigabyte

PSU : Seasonic 620w bronze

good airflow with my TD500 cooler master case with 3 extra fans 

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Journeyman III

I have mostly the same problem : if I don't decrease power by -20%, the screen turns black, the gpu fans go to 100 % but I don't have game sound anymore. I must hard shutdown the computer.

Here are my specs :

Motherboard : Asus TUF B360 PLUS-GAMING

CPU : Intel Core i3-9100F (3.6 GHz)

Memory : DDR4 Corsair Vengeance LPX (2 x 8 Go), 2133 MHz, CAS 13

PSU : Thermaltake Smart RGB, 600W

SDD : 1 Crucial SSD BX500 (500 Go) and 1 Crucial SSD BX500 (1 To)

GPU : Gigabyte Radeon RX 590 Gaming, 8 Go


Yeah, this problem is really weird, i think i'll try to replace thermal paste, and search but if you have anything new i take it !


Honestly you have already take the steps that you should. If you have to down clock that is an issue. It is common to need to raise the power limit slider on polaris cards to its maximum. In your case that alone is not giving the card enough power still. Your card should work at default speeds. I would not consider it acceptable to cripple performance either. I would talk to Gigabyte about an RMA on this card. 

Journeyman III

this solution works for my rx580 "driver" issue.