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Journeyman III

I recently acquired an RX 580 card and installed it into my computer.

When I turn the computer on, with the GPU installed and powered up I get the following:

A black monitor that seems to be receiving no signal

A GPU that is at least spinning.

I cannot access Windows 10 when the GPU is installed. It appears as though the mobo is prioritising the GPU, but it wont send a signal out. To access Windows I need to remove power to the GPU and connect to my monitor via the on board graphics card

Here is a list of troubleshooting I have already undertaken:

1. Removed all old drivers for old card

2. Disabled the integrated graphics from Device Manager

3. Tried both PCI slots on the motherboard (z77H-udh3)

   a. To ensure my PCI slots are working I tried a friends GPU. It booted fine

   b. To ensure my new GPU is working I tried my GPU in said friends system. It booted fine

4. Installed a new 750W gold rated PSU

5. In the BIOS ensured that the PEG was proritised for booting

6. Attempted to boot in safe mode. Transitioning from onboard graphics to GPU during the power down stage

7. Attemped to pre-install drivers for the card. But AMD tech says, due to the card not being powered up (in order to access Windows) that it cannot find any new hardware

My last idea will be to flash my BIOS, but I thought it was smarter to put it out here before i take this action

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Flashing the bios may be needed if it is a pretty old machine, say older that 4 or 5 years. Can't hurt to try on one new either. 

If this is a used card I would suspect that it is the card or that you have a conflict in Windows.

Did you uninstall your old cards driver?

If not and if it will still boot with how you were using it before. 

Download and run DDU from wagnardsoft_com, just follow the included directions. This will properly remove all old drivers and give you a clean slate. When you shut down removing the driver you can pull the old card and put the new one in and hopefully install the new driver and all will be well.

Good Luck and reply back if none of this helps. 


thanks for the advice. I had already stripped the drivers using a software program so i bit the bullet...

i flashed the BIOS and this got it up and running. My motherboard is around 8yrs old, so seems like a compatibility issue

i think there was a VGA interface upgrade in a later version of the BIOS, which is probably what got it going