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Adept I

I need help/advice for AMD Quad-Core . . .

Dear All,

I do apologise if my post is into wrong section.

Its a bit difficult for me to explain since I speak little English.  Anyway I will try my best to explain the problem.

Here are the info about my AMD:

AMD Quad-Core A10-5700 APU with AMD

Radeon HD (7660D + 7470) Dual

Graphics(2GB VGA memory)

I am using Windows 7.

2 weeks ago I got some problem with almost all browsers like Opera, Goggle Chrome, Mozilla FireFox etc . . .

I mean when a window appear on my screen, where I have to choose any option before I go further then it was totally invisible.

I can see the window but with many colours and letters.

In other words main problem was I think about graphic? But I am not quite sure.

My PC is 2 year old and its an desktop.

I went to the shop I bought from. But they didn`t helped me at all. Then I contacted to an pay service. Where you have Computer experts. They help me on the phone. They told me that your AMD is not up to date. Thats why you got problem with it. After that they went to AMD`s website and downloaded a software. After that all is OK. I paid a sum that was bit expensive to get solve this problem.

What I was to ask or know that, please let me know that wich and how can I update and from where the important things about AMD graphics etc... that I will not get this kind of problem in future? It was pictures, Video and windows that appear in your screen while I use Opera, Google Choreme and Mozilla Firefoz.

Lastly, I am sure that I just couldn`t explain good enough. But I hope you may understand what I try to say against the problem that I got.

Thanks for the support!