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Journeyman III

I just got an RX 6600 and now my second display stopped working after I restarted my pc.

So I just bought an RX 6600. I have 2 displays that I used with my old RX 570. The monitors both use HDMI and do not have display ports, so I bought a Display port to HDMI adapter to use both monitors ( because the RX 6600 only has 1 HDMI port )

When It arrived I replaced the GPU and used the adapter. All was fine until I restarted my PC, when it turned back on only my main monitor that was connected with HDMI was working, the other one wasn't. I tried all sorts, updated Drivers, downgraded drivers, unplugged it all for a bit and replugged it all back, tried the little DETECT button in display settings, I even put the RX 570 back in and tried it with the adapter and it didn't work. So I thought that the adapter was the problem and returned it. 

So, I got sent a new replacement adapter and plugged it in and it worked! I played some games and had no problems until... I restarted my PC. It is now not working again, only the monitor that isn't using the adapter is working does anyone know what the cause might be? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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