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Journeyman III

I installed rx550 and have seen some problems

Hello , i recently upgraded from ati hd 3750 to rx550 , everything is fine , im a gamer. So every game i have tried everything is MUCH better. But on League which is the game i play the most , the performance is really bad , i have tried to uninstall it , i have tried to lower the graphics , i have tried to change resolutions , i have tried a lot of things . To give you more insight , i used to run it at high 50-60 fps average, not at very high i run it 130+ but it has many fps dropps , mouse stutters even when vsync is on . my processor is a pentium g2030 , but i deont believe thats the pronblem cause the game used to run fine at the same settings with the other gpu , why wouldnt it with this one ? Its not only that i get some fps decreases from 110 to 80-90 then back to 130 but my mouse stutters like crazy sometimes , and i have to leave it still for a bit so it can catch up . Also my psu is 400W and i have 8 gigs of ram if that is complimentary to anything . its really bothering cause i have tried anything that comes to mind to fix it , but i simply could not . And i play with a lot of fps drops , and many ups and downs. I have seen people uping the psu usage by 20-30% etc but i dont believe thats the problem . Any help is really appreciated .