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Journeyman III

I Have AMD Radeon R9 m200x but when I rander video in blender. Blender use cup for rander

 I have AMD Radeon R9 M200x Series but in website I don't know which model of M200x series I found many options in list but I don't know what version gup is install inside I don't know how I know Please guide me.

I have Dell Precession M4800 Laptop and GPU install showing name ( Radon R9 X200M Series) but when I try to rander video in Blender Softer I can't find option rander with GPU I just show only CPU rander option guide me how  to rander video with GPU  I update latest driver with auto detected software of AMD But I can't find actually model of my GPU because in R9 M200x Series many option but I don't know which GPU I install.

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It is best to use Dell's own AMD Driver if it isn't too out-dated.

Deleted my info which was not applicable to your Dell GPU card.

Here is Dell's Support download page for your Laptop:

I don't see any AMD Drivers for a consumer R9 M200X GPU card instead I see AMD Professional GPU card drivers.

Possibly the above M4800 Laptop is a newer model than the one you have or a different M4800 model.

Download and run GPU-Z which will show what GPU card you have installed.

Please read my next 2 replies concerning your Dell's Laptop GPU card.


I found two previous AMD Threads concerning your Dell R9 M200X GPU card. It seems you actually have a FirePro GPU card installed.

Here are the 2 previous threads:

This is the reply from AMD Moderator Dipak concerning a Firepro and R9 m200X GPU ID:

Screenshot 2022-03-13 220146.png

So you will need to look under FirePro at AMD Download page once you find out the exact FirePro GPU card you have installed. Meanwhile you can use Dell's own AMD Driver from 2019 :

Screenshot 2022-03-13 220146.png


Here is AMD driver for the Dell's FirePro Mobility GPU Card M5100:

This AMD Professional driver is compatible with both Dell's M5100/6100 GPU cards.

Screenshot 2022-03-13 220146.png