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Journeyman III

I am building my first pc and bought a radeon vega frontier (used). it has 2 slots for 2 8pin pcie cables. Does each slot need it's own cable and why is it so hard to find 8 pin pcie to psu cables. I may not know what i'm looking for.

I have a Radeon Vega Frontier Edition and am using the Corsair RM850X psu with it.

Can anyone pass along what cables I need to make my Frontier work?

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The cables that came with the psu, should be marked/stamped PCIe

My pref. is to use 2 cables.

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In case your PSU doesn't have two 8 pin PSU to GPU Power cables (PCIe) or the GPU card didn't come with it own then you can purchase them at Amazon and other retailers.

You can purchase a 6 Pin to 8 Pin PCIe adapter cable or various PSU type connections to PCIe adapter like Molex to 8 pin adapter cable.

Note: From previous AMD Thread, Users have indicated it is best to use two different PCIe cables to connect your GPU card.

Here are a couple from