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Adept II

I am about to buy a graphics card - Maybe AMD?

I've just switched to AMD, got an Asus X670e Extreme, and a Ryzen 7950x.

All I'm missing is a graphics card, and I really want to give the upcoming Radeon 7950X a chance, which would hopefully complete the (almost) full AMD PC build.

However, reading all the Adrenalin Software and driver problems on this board, I am a bit hesitant to wait for the Radeon 7950X and might just get the Nvidia 4090 the day after tomorrow.

I know it is a long shot here to ask for some kind of an assurance from AMD, but seriously:
I just need a little hope that I would not have all these issues if I'd get the next Radeon card.

I'll take anything at this point that would sway me towards AMD.

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8 words: Smart access memory! Vulkan performance.

In all seriousness! Adrenaline software is super user friendly, sleek UI. and the drivers are 1000x better then they use to be. and the Teams asigned to fixing the problems and updating the drivers and software has been pretty decent just compared to a few years ago. I'd say the Major benefit would be cost. 

I know for me personally I run my 6800xt hard and i've run into very little problems. and my cpu 5900x has been fantastic. I switched from an intel i7 and a 2060. I don't think i'll ever go back to either. especially now. but that's just a personal opinion. Guess it really boils down to price and what you need your PC for. 

Wait a month and see what AMD has to offer. You might end up liking what you see. Afterall it would be ashame not to take advantage of that smart access memory!!

Thank you for the quick reply!

I did download the Adrenalin Software v22.9.2, and it does seem to be a mature app.
As of now I'm still using the Integrated Graphics in the CPU, which works actually very well for what it was designed for. (even 3dmark's Night Raid benchmark ran without any problems - got 11528 score)

True, in the first few days YouTube videos glitched with green artifacts and I've had a few crashes because of them, but strangely enough they all went away when I've installed the latest Google Chrome update (version 106.0.5249.103, released on Oct 5th.)

Thanks again, and I'll update this discussion as time goes on.

The Smart Access Memory actually seems very appealing. That was also one of the reasons why I've switched to the AMD platform to be able to try it, as it would make a lot of sense.

Adept I

I have been a Nvidia'ist from day one of my gaming life, and day one was many centuries ago, a few months ago I decided to give AMD a go, can't say I made a bad decision. The 6800xt I have is pretty impressive and the software is great, I have had no problems with it so far.

Fairly stupid post really, when there is no official spec on the 7XXX series.

Sounds more like a Nv advert.


Ryzen 5 5600x, B550 aorus pro ac, Hyper 212 black, 2 x 16gb F4-3600c16dgtzn kit, Aorus gen4 1tb, Nitro+RX6900XT, RM850, Win.10 Pro..

I'm sorry goodplay, my question was real, it is part of how I do research. I understand how you can perceive it as an advertisement though. (which it was not)


If you have the money and the PSU to match, there's no point in specifically waiting for radeon 7000 series. They have a market share because they're better in price/performance ratio compared to equally-positioned nVidia counterparts, but they aren't better overall and there's no point in hoping to get an extra performance boost from pairing AMD CPU with AMD GPU. 

hmm. Thank you EFermi, I'm considering your point!


All I can say is do your homework well.  Do your research from sites like or and not from either competitor's site.  Be very aware of competition testing an OC card against a stock card, competitors are bad about that regardless of manufacturer.

Now if you think Nvidia does not have problems, ask yourself this question; Why are users switching to AMD and vice versa?  Many of the problems both encounter are not in their making but in software and corrupt drivers from other software, ie; Google Chrome, Realtek and the list can go on and on.  So when you make your decision and encounter some issues keep in mind of all of the bulk crap software that is running on your machine and corrupt drivers from third party hardware.  Don't bash the GPU manufacturers until you have 100% confidence that it is their fault.

Vunski, I totally agree. I would not trash any manufacturer, or product, as I know how much time/energy/money goes into development/marketing/support.

So, yeah even if a product has a lot of problems reported online, the whole point is to find solutions for those problems and where else other than online.

I am open for and interested in new solutions, that's why I've switched to AMD motherboard and processor (not because I've had problems with my Intel/Nvidia setup) (no this is not advertisement, lol)

I do like those sites you've suggested, they really have a lot of useful info. (see my other post: )


I have 5700X and used an R9 390 before that. I have not had issues with drivers, so I wouldn't be too worried about that unless you use Blender in which case Nvidia is the way to go. I will wait to see how 40-series and upcoming 7000-series performs and how much they cost. DLSS/FSR imo are important only for low end GPU's as you get enough FPS with a fast GPU anyway.

It is also interesting to see how well new GPU's can handle raytracing as I prefer image quality over FPS as long as FPS is good enough. Super high FPS is needed for fast online gaming, but I seem to have lost interest in those. Played plenty of those back in the days.


Thank you MADZyren! I also prefer quality over FPS, as I'm mostly playing MSFS.


I'm not going to repeat what many other users already said.  In fact I'll leave my experience with AMD graphics cards and AMD hardware overall in a different perspective.

I haven't formatted my computer since 2014 (or 2012, I'm not even sure). So, problems is not recurring issue here. Had several AMD GPU's, CPU's, changed boards and even migrated OS from drive to drive. I have absolute confidence in the hardware. All with same windows installation. (Had Windows 7 and updated to Windows 10).

But problems do exist for every brand, there are no ZERO PROBLEMS brand.
Example: The most hated piece of software for ASUS RoG users is Armoury Crate which runs on nvidia source code.

Another thing:
RDNA3 is not here yet. We can't compare for sure with the 4090. Although it looks promising.


I think there aren't PSU ATX 3.0 for sale yet and lots of tech tubers are not convinced with the power adapter these nvidia cards bring. Some even saying things like a possible "fire hazard". Do some search on this too.

Good luck!

The Englishman

Thank you Englishman!

Funny you should mention Armoury Crate: It is a gamble every time I boot, whether or not it would set the requested colors on the components. (my ram is currently rainbow, even though I've set it to purple)

Yes, RDNA3 looks promising, and I would love to try it out, that's why I've asked the original question.

Thank you for warning about the power adapter. I've found this PSU from MSI, which is available for sale  on their site in some odd hours:

I feel you, before every Armoury Crate update I just create a Windows Restore Point. Just in case I have to roll back.

That Beastly PSU indeed have ATX 3.0, good to seem them out in the wild.

The Englishman

I presume you are talking about the AMD Processor with Integrated Graphics 7950X.

From CPU World, which mentions the data is before the CPU came out:

Integrated peripherals / components
Display controller 4 displays
Integrated graphics GPU Type: Radeon
Microarchitecture: RDNA 2
Shader cores: 128
Base frequency (MHz): 400
Maximum frequency (MHz): 2200


You need to find out the General Specs on RDNA 2 Graphics and see what new Drivers AMD has for the new Integrated Graphics.

But you have a point about AMD drivers being buggy. Best to use WHQL Drivers than the Optional drivers (BETA).


Yes, right now I'm on 7950X and using its integrated graphics as the only "GPU" in this PC. It is working well for me, but obviously this it not for gaming, so I have not even tried to play anything on it.

Reading the other posts I think you are right about the WHQL drivers being the most reliable. However I've seen other articles that ppl did have success with the optional drivers as well. This is promising, as in worst case one could still fall back to the WHQL driver.

I'll throw this in here, if you are into VR, especially PCVR, I would hesitate on AMD until they address the constant negative experience people have faced with the quest 2 due to encoders and drivers.

I have had a bad experience between owning a 6700xt, 6800xt with my quest 2. To use H265 I had to use a driver from a year back otherwise the driver would crash when streaming. Supposedly this will be addressed in the next update, but they have not been very verbal in addressing this issues. I'm thinking of switching to Nvidia for this sole reason, now I have figure out if I will go with the 3000 series(namely the 3080ti) or 4000 series


Thank you amdflawedencoders! I value your input!

Adept II

I just got a 6800 and it seems like many users (including me) have massive frame drops/stuttering in dx11 games until the shader cache is fully built (that can take a while per game).

I had a 3070 beforehand that had none of these issues. Hardware wise the 6800 is superior though.

I'm still on the verge of keeping this card or RMAing it since AMD hasnt put a lot of effort into fixing this. The issue first came up with the May release that improved dx11 handling. Afaik the issue isnt even acknowledged at this point, so honestly driver support (at least right now) is lousy at best.

I've had bad first hand experience regarding coil whine with multiple RTX30 cards, which the 6800 does not seem to suffer from.

So hardware wise definitley AMD, but driver related Nvidia is still miles ahead.


Hope that somewhat helps, I'm kinda a bit frustrated myself here.


Thank you avendorz,

I too have some coil whine on my 3090, which is a bit annoying, but otherwise the card works fine. That is good news, that you did not experience that on the AMD cards.

I have not experienced much with the AMD drivers, I'm just learning about them right now. On the other hand I agree with you that the Nvidia drivers never gave me a headache, I'm actually always excited to install the new ones as soon as they come out.

Today I've seen 4090 reviews from all the influencers on YouTube (Gamers Nexus, Linus, JayzTwoCents, PC Centric, etc.) and almost all of them seemed to be very hopeful in regards to the RDNA 3 cards.

i honestly think waiting for RDNA 3 doesnt hurt. then you can decide between two products and prices might come down a bit.


I run a x570 - 5950x - aib rx 6900 xt powered by an evga supernova g2 1300w ps and I've had my share of issues with this platform from the stuttering etpm to the stuttering drivers.  I've been frustrated for months now with it but the latest windows update seems to have fixed the stuttering issue while gaming.

ATM its my intention to go back to Intel next time around with an nvidia gpu.


Nvidia had to invent CUDA software to pretend they have a graphics card that has any hardware and advanced functionality but its still not close to that of a classroom calculator and only just the other day pretend to be directx9 fully compliant with RTX when they suuuper arent.

AMD used to never need driver updates and released them sometimes 3 times a year because i cant say this enough its trillions of trillions of trillions of i could go on and on faster than intel and nvidia hardware.. but you've never turned on the hardware and copied correct format files the correct way into the device and told the driver or OS what display functions you want it to use and assigned custom values to them.

intel and nvidia people build the nastiest fakest hardware ever thats a few cents pretend its a computer.. then rather than licence a $1 hevc codec or whatever true industry standard format and hardware.. because hevc and heif support 10bit.. nvidia been faking 10bit for so long now.. compare your nvidia to a 10bit DSLR camera shooting in RAW 10bit HDR log and AMD cards look better than with log enabled coz you can use 10bit raw uncompressed without the log so the Slog or whatever is 17 19 or 22 Fstops dynamic range HDR you can pull out ancient freesync AMD devices anyone a decade before windows supported HDR and just use like 30Fstops of dynamic range with INFINITYdisplay and freesync in RAW uncompressed DSLR format and quality while you game.

but you see nvidia and intel would rather than use an actual licenced industry standard (see how intels fake usb standards have every mobile phone and computer forced to make own usb chipset and drivers because intel has 0 standards and google had to invent type C because intel have never invented a single thing in history ever and its the biggest understatement on the universe i cant say it enough.) intel and nvidia like pretend they buy a toaster oven and wanna make crispy crunchy toast.. they'd rather die than buy a cheap bag of bread for their toaster so they go to the public spaces and university common room fridges and pour crepe mixes and random stuff whatever they can find for free thats often literally 50 years old stuff and sell it for thousands of dollars with all this like 50 years old crepes and eggs batter mix shorting it out and pouring out its orifices and bursting into flames and say "when we poured our crepe mix inside our already terrifyingly sabotaged and incorrectly used and falsely benchmarked and falsely advertised AMD devices they similary caught fire the exact same way out dumpster fire of fake hardware did" almost everything intel and nvidia and i mean EVERYTHING is 50 year old AMD stuff thats no longer copyrighted as copyright expired or AMD open sourced it and gave it to universities or its third world countries open source projects and school kids homework assigments nvidia says so on their website and agrees and are proud of it and all their investors walk away with infinite money and infinite crimes and being criminally accomplices. 

because of intel and nvidias fake software faking more and more things they try each minute of each day to disable and turn off more and more AMD features so decades later the can pull them out their butts means they have to release new sabotaging crippling versions of years and years older AMD stuff every minute of every day so you're forever updating software which is 90% not needed for your HARDWARE device. do you wanna play a 4k bluray disc nvidia would make you buy a cheap raspberry pie media player for the cost of a car and make you install drivers 5 times a day and sell you parts separately and paywall it all and disable all the bluray menus and be like oh in the year 2050 we're planning on showing you guys the future of bluray movies with the "commentary audio track" it will let you watch blurays like never before and you wont even know its something that you always had but nobody ever bothers to watch that alternative audio tracks and commentary junk or the making of the movie stuff. like 'hey guys im awesome i just reinvented 2000BC pythagoras maths and 16th century physics books and light and colour sciences that have been a part of AMD since forever and although this is not even in the same universe and reality as AMD's true better than super computer ryzens and radeons out cheap not really calculators that dont even have COMPACT DISC 90's and 80s early 1900s cheapest of cheap audio technology for TRUE AUDIO i mean reality wave patterns mathematically matched reproduce everything as true sound like in the air waves.. true audio.. because we're cheapskate butt monkeys we're here to show you the 1960's computery stuff that AMD did ages ago that you've all had in your devices since forever cheaper.. revisited and be far far worse but costing thousands more! ENJOY nvidia and intel champions of the observable universe



AI ?

Adept II

Moore's Law Is Dead talks about RDNA 3 at 10:53 in this video:

At the end he even suggests ppl to wait for RDNA 3 or, until the GPU prices will fall in general in Q1 2023.