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Journeyman III

huge frame drops

hey guys, I've just upgraded my GPU to  6750rx from a rtx2060 because I was getting huge frame drops, and I mean going from 100fps down to about 10fps and then back up, and it makes my whole game lag spike. anyway, now I've got this all new GPU its still happening, i've got all the settings turned down to try and boost fps but its literally sitting at the same fps my 5 year old GPU was sitting at plug the massive frame drops... tried all you normal steps ie, making sure my CPU chipset is running the latest, performance mode ect ect. do you guys think it could be the cpu thats the problem? its a Ryzen 5 2600 6 core. when im running games its at 80%-100% usage and my new gpu is at around 70%-85%.  any help would be appreciated

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