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How to switch to linked GPU in new software versions?

OS: Windows 10
GPU: AMD Radeon R5 Graphics with AMD Radeon R7 M340 linked/discreet/switchable GPU

Hi. I have a graphic chipset with switchable graphics which don't work anymore. I used to be able to switch them at will for any application in older versions, but every new update since around 2019 that comes, there still doesn't seem to be any signs of an easy access or solution.

I have searched many solutions and tried everything imaginable:   (possible solution / result)

-Installing older versions and patches. Every single one. / Some versions give you a switch option, but ultimately nothing happens and no switch is made. Some versions, after switching, would switch back to the R5 when an application is run or when the settings are "saved". Some versions don't give you an option at all or don't even recognize the linked GPU at all.

-Manually setting power mode into "High Performance" for all desired apps and later whole system. / No change before and after. Slight increase in performance after setting everything to high performance, but no change in GPU used.

-Setting GPU for specific applications newly in Windows 10 Settings>System>Display>Graphics settings. / No change. The settings list the "High performance GPU" and "Power saving GPU" both as the R5 Graphics. Possibility of Windows just referring to the chipset as a whole, however even after switching to the "high performance GPU" there is no change.

Modifying game files to use a specific GPU. / After trying all possible ID of the GPU, none were recognized by the application and/or the file was overwritten back to default upon starting the application.

It's a huge difference whether you use 0.5GB or 2GB of VRAM, and it feels terrible being essentially forced to downgrade while you actually own a GPU that is many times more capable. Any suggestions and solutions will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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What is the exact Make & Model of your laptop?


>What is the exact Make & Model of your laptop?

It's an HP 15-ba047nc (G0B08EA#BCM)


Here is your HP Support download page for your laptop:

Try downloading and installing HP previous AMD Driver and see if the Switchable Graphics works and update the BIOS in case you have an earlier version than the one shown.

The HP AMD Driver even though it is Out-Dated is the best Driver to install since it is 100% compatible with your laptop and its features.

AMD generic laptop drivers are generally basic Graphics drivers.

The previous HP AMD Driver does mention about Switchable Graphics laptops:

Screenshot 2021-04-30 164028.png

Like Kingfish mentioned, The latest AMD Drivers the Switchable Graphics has been moved to Windows OS.  So unless the AMD driver did not install correctly.

Also you didn't mention the model of your HP Laptop's processor APU?

If the AMD APU is still supported by AMD that is the AMD Driver you need to download which will install both the Integrated and Discrete GPU drivers automatically.

When you install the next APU Processor's AMD driver use DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) with the internet disconnected and deleting the created AMD Installation folder at C:\AMD.

When the laptop reboots into the Windows desktop run the full downloaded AMD Driver package. If successfully installed, reconnect the Internet again and also again delete C:\AMD.

Thank you, I will try the HP site drivers and get back to you.
The processor is an AMD A10-9600P Radeon R5, 10 compute cores 4C+6G 2.40 GHz


So, got some good news and bad news. After updating BIOS and installing the drivers from HP site, the software now identifies the linked CPU as "R8 M445DX". I looked it up, and it seems to be the one linked to R5 Graphics, while R7 is standalone. No idea why it always identified it as R7, but good news is it actually identifies it correctly now.

Bad news is it didn't do anything. On the contrary, the system seems much more laggy. Setting to High Performance in Windows settings still shows only the R5. 

I will try out other versions with the newly updated BIOS to see if any work, then I'll try to look into the processor APU part.


Since you have a AMD APU processor you MUST DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL the AMD APU Driver and not the discrete GPU card driver.

The APU AMD Driver will automatically install both the Processor's Integrated Graphics and Discrete GPU Graphics driver at the same time.

My bad, I thought those were two different solutions to try one after the other. Will do correctly this time. I won't have much time next 2-3 days but I will get back soon with the results. Thanks for the help.

Can someone tell me what exatcly to do i have same problem but i shows me that i have R7 M340

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The high performance selection has been moved to the OS. Go to 'Display' on your computer and scroll down to 'Graphics'. There is where the selection is made.


>The high performance selection has been moved to the OS. Go to 'Display' on your computer and scroll down to 'Graphics'. There is where the selection is made.

This is already listed in what I've tried. No result. Lists both options as "Radeon R5 Graphics". No difference before and after switching - no switch was made.

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Did you just updated bios or what