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Journeyman III

How to optimize the grafic settings


i have a little problem with my selfmade gaming pc:

I will show it in a youtube video.

grafic settings - YouTube

you will see it from 3:25 - 5:00. (This is not only in the video, rather in game too.)

The white lines on the field are not so good represented.

Some pixelfault or so? Or it can be the drivers? They should have more quality.

How can i optimize the grafics for gaming with most quality too.

Can somebody help me?

My PC:

Intel i7-8700k

Asrock z370 extreme

GPU: AMD Vega 56

RAM: aegis 2x 8gb 3000mhz

Thermalright macho HR 02

Crucial 1TB

Samsung Evo 860

Power Adapter- 650watt seasonic focus plus gold

Windows 10 pro n

Sorry for my english.

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Can I ask if this was better in an earlier version of Fifa, like 2018 or 2017? I would sure think your specs should have you running this game at top speed. Can you show what your in game settings are that you are using? I don't have Fifa but have plenty of other Frostbite games like Battlefield V and Battlefront 2 so maybe a setting choice there is causing issue? I would suggest trying the in game settings on auto if that is not what your are doing and see if that improves things.