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Journeyman III

how to fix pc after 19.1.1

Hi. new to this forum so not sure how's the community going.

Either way, I've installed the 19.1.1 and all hell broke loose. recently been playing NFS payback, BF1 and BFr2. BF seemed to be the heaviest loading one and NFS was the easiest. i play on an overclocked 3570k@4.3ghz and rx480 red devil. so far, on ultra(1080) settings nfs normally used up up to 60% cpu and gpu - random. Today I've installed the latest drivers and... now the same game on high settings consumes upto 95% of cpu and constant 100% gpu. maxing out on everything.
I've tried using DDU on safe mode, went for the clean. then redownloaded 18.2.2 but it's not helping - same issue. no matter what i do, i can't play anything.
if that was not enough. Radeon Settings states that my Current cersion of drivers is 18.2.2 and once in a while notifies me that a new version is available: when i check it - NEW RECOMMENDED: 18.2.2


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Journeyman III

Re: how to fix pc after 19.1.1

sorry, 18.2.2 == 18.12.2