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Journeyman III

How do I stop ghosting and frame rate lock?

I bought my XFX 5700 xt in late July and out of the box it was working okay. The fan was a bit loud for my taste so I went into wattman and I lowered the voltage curve as well as setting a less aggressive fan curve. I tinkered with the settings for a while and couldn't find a balance that was stable so I decided to restore the factory settings. When I did this I started to get severe ghosting on my dell s2719sdf monitor at 1440p and 155hz which wasn't happening at all before I restored my settings. Then when trying to play games I noticed that my framerates were way higher than before in battlefield V. This doesn't seem like a complaint but my 5700 xt was boosting itself so fast in order to lock the fps at my monitors refresh rate, i remember seeing the frequency peak at 2450MHz in the wattman graph. So where before I was getting around 100 fps in Battlefield I was now getting 155 fps with ghosting, but the card's thermals would peak at 90 degrees after about 10 minutes of playing and the fan made the card sound like it was going to explode, so I can't play for more than 10 minutes. I'm really just trying to get my GPU back to how it was right out of the box. So far I've tried clean installing the driver which seems to have slightly helped with the ghosting but not the strange fps lock/targeting. Any help is appreciated.