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How do I get Rx 580 to Play Black Ops 3?

Can anyone help me get Black Ops 3 working for the Msi Rx 580 4 GB ? I've tried so many different updates and settings. On windows 10 the Treyarch intro comes up and after that the game doesn't even launch. On windows 7 I don't even get that far. I get an error code 0x0000142. Ive tried all the Radeon settings. Ill included a screenshot my current settings and versions. Ive tried reinstalling Black Ops 3 on Windows 10 and Windows 7. Can anyone tell me the correct Visual C++ redistributable to get for Bo3 as well. Including Updates and Service Packs. If not, If YOU have Black Ops 3 then list me ALL the C++ redistributable on your PC.

Msi rx580 oc 8gb

8gb of RAM

AMD 1400 at 3.6 ghz

Windows 7 and 10 dual Booted.

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