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Journeyman III

How do I get my native 3rd/4th monitor back? Radeon R9 Fury Tri-X?

Been sporting 3 monitors reliably for 3 months. 2x dp to HDMI monitor connection &1x HDMI to HDMI connection. Cables work because I can use any one of them in any dp port and that's where my 2nd monitor shows up. It's been working, then just all the sudden will not. Running windows 10 and have the latest Crimson Drivers. Have tried fresh install of drivers. Also tried alternate cables. Just can't get the 3rd screen to come up. Have tried unplugging 2nd screen and the 3rd screen comes on. It's like it was with my old card where I'd have to use an active dp to get it to work, but i know that's not the case cause I"ve been runnning 3 monitors for 4 months no problem natively. Just won't work anymore. HELP!